Sports-inclined people are likely to bring along some equipment when they travel. Cyclists, for instance, need to carry one or two types of bikes on their vehicles. Other sports enthusiast may want to bring along other equipment they wish. This calls for increased carrying capacity. Sadly, a car’s trunk will never do especially when it comes to hauling bigger items. Before we proceed, let’s check out some points that are commonly asked by most people.

Will roof rack scratch my car?

In the long run, the roof rack might cause some scratches on the roof of the car. However, this isn’t always the case. If the rack is held securely, leaving no room for vibration, it will be unlikely to cause any scratches. However, loading and unloading mostly cause the scratches. It is basically user error that creates all those ugly scratches.

Why should I get a roof rack for my bicycles?

Carrying bicycles on top of a car has a lot of benefits for any cyclist. First of all, it gives smaller cars the chance to carry around bigger items like a bicycle that would have otherwise not been possible. This also leaves more room in the trunk of the car. If you do plan on strapping a bike or two on the roof of your car, you should pay close attention. Below are some safety tips to help you avoid accidents when running at faster speeds and traveling on rough terrain.

Take a close look at the clamps being used

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To begin with, you should take a good look at the type of roof rack you are about to install on your car. The modern version may come with any of the two types of clamps. On variation is the clamp that latches itself onto the roof through the rain gutters. The other type of clamp, however, does not make use of the rain gutters but other points of the roof. If you are uncertain about the type that’s suited for your car, be sure to ask the salesperson to give you some advice on what’s the most appropriate one for the make and model of your car.